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About The Project


Architect T.F. Shneider built Ye Forest Inne (now a multi-family dwelling) as a getaway for Washingtonians.


John and Vesta Cassedy turned the property into a finishing school for the daughters of America’s leading families and named it National Park Seminary. As enrollment grew, they added an eclectic mix of structures inspired by the 1893 World Expo- including the Gymnasium in 1907, with its grand Greek Portico added in the 1920’s- reflecting their commitment to their students’ global education.


The Army turned it into a hospital for veterans wounded in wars from WWII through Vietnam.


When the Army considered razing the site, the Maryland Historical Trust intervened and the Seminary was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.


Through the efforts of the preservationist group Save Our Seminary, the Army declared the site to be surplus, clearing the way for its sale and redevelopment.


Today the National Park Seminary’s rebirth is nearing completion. Many historic structures have been restored for residential use, new townhomes have been built on available land, and the National Park Seminary is now home to some 300+ families. All remaining historic buildings are proceeding toward redevelopment with the Gymnasium, developed by J. Karl Voglmayr being the most recent finished project.