Power Plant at NPS, LLC

4710 Bayard Blvd.

Bethesda, Maryland 20816

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Power Plant Condos at National Park Seminary

The Project

Power Plant Condos at National Park Seminary consist of three historically designated buildings – the Power Plant, Practice House and Fire House – into 14 distinctive condominiums. The buildings are interconnected and have been renovated while preserving the character of the NPS finishing school founded in 1894.

Visiting the project

We take pride in everything we do at the Power Plant and hope you might come visit.

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What People are Saying

March 26, 2020

“I have a great appreciation for what it is now,” said Carey. "I know what’s beneath the floors, what’s behind the walls, how many approvals from mechanical, electrical, to plumbing, etc. Karl had to pass. It’s a very old, place steeped with rich history, yet it’s modern, up-to-date, and all within a park setting. In most new developments or renovated homes, you don’t know the longevity or how smartly the construction was done. You tour a new home, meet the realtor (almost never the actual builder) and still question whether the quality is as good as it might appear. I witnessed Karl's commitment throughout the process. I saw how the buildings became integrated into a special community of its own. I saw his expertise, enthusiasm and vision. He put in his heart and soul. I found everything I wanted and more for a new beginning."

February 21, 2020

"The quality of workmanship really shows: in the materials used, the consistency of pattern elements in each space, as well as the thoughtfulness that went into the custom design for every space."